Vegan Certification

Veganism is a lifestyle that is increasing rapidly in popularity.

The statistics vary depending on the source, but anywhere from 0.5% to 6% of Americans identify as vegan. It is a growing customer base that deserves dedicated restaurants and products to help meet their needs. You can show your customers you’re doing your part with a Certified Vegan seal by MenuTrinfo! We do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your business and customers.

Providing vegan food means no animal products whatsoever may be used in its production.

Avoiding the obvious foods like meat, dairy, and eggs may seem easy to accomplish, but what about the hidden animal products? Did you know that L-cysteine, a common dough conditioner, can come from animals? How about that red food dye, are you sure it isn’t animal-sourced? You’ll need to make sure every single ingredient is free from animal sources. MenuTrinfo takes the guesswork out of veganism with our new Certified Vegan certification. We go above and beyond the norm to ensure that your products are meeting the demands of the most dedicated vegans.

Some vegan certifications stop at the inclusion of animal products in the food with the standard ISO-23662, but veganism goes beyond that. And so do we.

When a product is Vegan Certified by MenuTrinfo, we guarantee that no animal products were used at all in the production of that food product. This means no processing aids that may not be in the final product, like bone char for refined sugar, can be used. No animal testing is permitted according to our rigorous standards, nor is animal labor exploitation allowed. Additionally, the packaging must also be vegan, meaning no animal-based glues or waxes. Your customers will appreciate your commitment to veganism when they recognize the MenuTrinfo Certified Vegan logo on your label.