The locations listed here have used one or more of MenuTrinfo’s services for managing food allergies.

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Certified Free From™

The locations noted here that are Certified Free From™ these locations have been audited, reviewed and certified by MenuTrinfo using the ISO 17065 standards review and accepted by ANAB.  MenuTrinfo through this accreditation certifies that the locations/areas listed here have passed a rigorous audit based on international standards with methods, practices, standards, policies and understanding to serve those with special dietary needs. Specifically the food allergic person, those with Celiac Disease, or other dietary preferences.

These include allergen and gluten-free campuses. They have areas and/or dedicated facilities to serve those with special dietary needs such as possibly free from peanuts, tree nuts or gluten, or from all of the Big 8 allergens plus gluten.  See the food service location, personnel or staff to be directed to the area or areas that are “Certified Free From™”.

The certification is as a result of great lengths MenuTrinfo® goes through to seek ISO 17065 status making the certification  carry with it an oversight unlike any in the market place today. More that a verify, check, or oversight and more robust than a self audit the “Certified Free From™” seal comes with depth and weight to all food allergic consumers while supporting the food service community. 


Additional locations listed here have utilized AllerCheck™

This program can allow you, the food service provider, to work with foodservice professionals from AllerTrain® and MenuTrinfo® on an entirely new level. If you’re not ready for full Certified Free From certification, then this is your perfect step for these spaces and places.

Our team members review your locations, menus, ingredients, service, policies, procedures, and missions for safer allergen service. AllerCheck™ looks at 27 specific items at an in-person audit/assessment by a trained professional food safety specialist at the location that wants to and then deserves to share the great news. Delivering confidence for the diners who need a special dietary need or concern each meal.


AllerTrain is the nations 1st and leading ANSI accreted food allergy training course in the US. Locations that utilize the training can be found here when they have utilized two ore more of MenuTrinfo’ services.