• Ingredient Approvals

    During the Pre-Audit Inspection, the allergen content and cross-contact risk of all Ingredients will be researched by MenuTrinfo. To be approved for use in CFF Products or Kitchens, the Supplier of the Ingredient shall be able to provide written verification of the allergen-free status of the Ingredient. IPG Ingredient reviews are continuously reviewed and researched as part of ongoing surveillance. If any issues are found, the Participant will be notified per the Ingredient Formulation/Manufacturer Allergen Policy Change policy.

  • Ingredient Formulation – Manufacturer Allergen Policy Change

    MenuTrinfo is always reviewing ingredient statements and allergen control policies from suppliers to ensure they are still meeting our certification standards. At times, a supplier may make a policy, production or formulation change that impacts the free-from status of their products. When MenuTrinfo learns of these changes and determines that the products will no longer meet the CFF standards, we will notify all impacted clients within 30 days of us making the determination. In cases where there is not an immediate threat to consumer safety, MenuTrinfo will inform clients of the change and work with them to phase out the impacted ingredients and bring in approved substitutions within 90 days of the notice.

  • Ingredient Recall

    In cases where a manufacturer recall has been enacted or the allergen content of a previously approved ingredient has changed, MenuTrinfo will notify any clients utilizing that ingredient within 12 hours of KwC receiving notice for a manufacturer. MenuTrinfo will require the immediate disposal of the ingredient to avoid any potential harm to consumers. MenuTrinfo does not allow the certification seal and/or name to be used when unapproved ingredients are in use, so failure to comply with required product changes will result in the suspension or loss of certification.

  • Late Testing

    CFF Participants shall conduct chemical testing as a means of validating allergen and/or gluten control programs, supporting certification by confirming food is maintaining CFF status, ensuring allergen food safety, and adding value to consumers. Participants shall conduct a minimum of one allergen test per CFF allergen per month.

    Any deviations from the standard testing schedule shall be approved by MenuTrinfo and be properly documented (i.e. scheduled or planned closures). Records of all testing shall be made available to MenuTrinfo: (i) upon request; and (ii) on or before the 10th of the month following when testing occurred. If testing results are not received by the 10th of the following month, daily contact will be attempted until the 15th, or the following business day. If testing results are still not received by the end of the day on the 15th (or following business day), a penalty of $100/day shall be imposed until testing results are received.

    This fee also acts as notice that the certification has been suspended and is not valid until testing begins again. Should an entire month pass without receipt of a test result, the Participant’s certification shall be withdrawn.

  • Policy on Recertification Audits

    The Participant shall be re-certified each calendar year. Assuming the Participant has not had any true positive test results or any other allergen-related incidents, the second year shall be a remote recertification audit. This shall consist of a desk audit, along with a virtual meeting to discuss findings. The third year will be a full on-site audit. The alternating on-site and remote audits shall continue throughout the duration of the certification. At any time, MenuTrinfo may decide that an on-site audit must be conducted in lieu of a remote audit, should there be any concerns over the integrity of the certification.

    For every recertification, regardless of being remote or in-person, the following items will be required from the Participant:

    1. The latest version of the Participant’s order guide.
    2. A copy of all allergen-related policies and procedures.
    3. Documentation of any allergen complaints, and subsequent root cause analyses and corrective actions.
    4. Demonstration of testing comprehension.
    5. Any other information requested by MenuTrinfo